Meet The Team

Meet Yücel, co-founder of Little Hammam, he looks after the logistics and operational side of things and oversees the business. Since moving to London from Turkey, he had been looking for a product that used Mediterranean olive oil as a base ingredient and would be as kind on his skin as to the environment. The search ended when he worked together with his brother to create a moisturising soap. The olive oil used in each bar is grown and produced from their hometown in southern Turkey. From the very first one, they were both so pleased with the results that they continued to create more and 'Little Hammam' started its journey...

Hi, I'm Natasha, the other co-founder of 'Little Hammam' I designed the logo and manage all social media. Mostly, I lovingly make the candles and lavender bags. When I visited a local lavender field in 2018, I was blown away. I felt so calm in a sea of purple and wanted to share the experience with everyone. I decided to make a product that took me back there and so my revival of the slightly retro lavender bag started! The first candle I made was scented with lavender essential oil. Since then, I have been experimenting with both fragrance and essential oils and love using recycled coconut shells. They not only look great and remind me of holidays, but are natural and sustainable. I'm super passionate about 'Little Hammam' and love connecting with people, so don't hesitate to get in touch in Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, or English of course!

Meet Oktay, our soap maker & developer, he enjoys soap making as he finds it therapeutic, a creative outlet and satisfying as he makes them so well! Oktay is always inventing bars of new types, shapes and sizes and uses the traditional cold process method. Although this takes longer, it yields the best results. He's a perfectionist and has an eye for detail. When he's not creating or making soap he is a real family man, in fact, one of the main reasons he wanted to make natural products was so that they could be used on his family. He always wants the best for them. We wouldn't be 'Little Hammam' without him and are very proud and grateful to have him on the team.