Orange Natural Soap
Orange Natural Soap
Orange Natural Soap
Orange Natural Soap

Orange Natural Soap

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The orange natural soap is lightly exfoliating and excellent at removing dirt and odours so can be used after gardening or in the kitchen, it can equally be used in the bathroom and has a refreshing zingy scent that will get you going in the morning. It also has benefits for the skin, as it's an excellent source of Vitamin C. This bar is deep cleansing and a real citrus delight!

Top Tips ~ How to use your natural soap;

- Wet your hands and the soap, then create a lather for a few seconds before applying to face, body or hair

- The bar can also be used directly onto the skin

- To make the bars last longer, do not let them sit in water between washes. We recommend using a self-draining soap dish

Ingredients; sodium olivate (olive oil), sodium cocoate (coconut oil), sodium cocoa butterate (cacao butter), sodium castorate (castor oil), citrus sinensis (orange peel oil), citrus sinensis (orange peel), aqua (water) glycerin (naturally produced during the soap making process)

Item measures approximately 8 cm vertical and 7 cm horizontal

Handcrafted soap is not as pristine looking as a commercial soap and may have its own natural imperfections and vary from bar to bar

The minimalist wrap around packaging is open at the top and bottom to allow the natural soap to breathe and is made from biodegradable, recycled Kraft paper

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