Take A Breath Candle
Take A Breath Candle

Take A Breath Candle

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This is a 100% natural blend of calming Essential oils including Lavender, Pine, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Mandarin and Cedar Leaf Lemon...It feels like walking through a forest and all your troubles melting away as you sink into a Spa/Little Hammam

Ideal for burning during a massage or reflective moments, can also be used when searching for clarity and a moment for yourself to just be and take a breath...

The wax is a natural blend of Soy and Coconut oils, it contains no Palm, Beeswax or petroleum derived products. It is 100% plant based and GMO free. The wick is made from unbleached cotton & linen interwoven with a linen thread, it minimises afterglow and smoking and is also Vegan friendly.

The container is a 30cl heavy base, matt finish, calming, turquoise coloured 'whisky style' glass. The candle burns for over 30 hours and the glass is recyclable and reusable. Please refer to our 'Candle Safety Tips' page to get the most out of your candle safely and enjoy it to the fullest

Height: ~93mm
Internal Height: ~75mm 
Diameter: ~78mm