Tea Tree Natural Soap
Tea Tree Natural Soap

Tea Tree Natural Soap

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Tea tree oil has many healing properties and this soap has been made using the essential oil in its purest form that has many beneficial effects on the skin. The oil in the soap works by intercepting germs at the first sign of their presence on the skin surface. Apart from its germicidal action, tea tree oil soap also has antiseptic properties that can speed up the healing of minor cuts and wounds, as well as a variety of skin infections. It can control acne and other skin blemishes, speed up healing of cuts and abrasions, amongst many other things. This tea tree oil soap can also form a good lather for shaving. It will keep your skin moisturised while shaving and protect it from developing razor bumps.

If you have threading or waxing then you should consider using tea tree oil soap for that wonderful post treatment soothing effect. The oil’s anti-allergenic properties can prevent skin allergies after hair removal or waxing and offer the added advantage of giving your skin a silky, smooth finish.

Tea tree oil possesses scar-reducing properties. It helps lessen the scars and skin marks caused by wounds or skin disorders. The regular use of tea tree oil soap can therefore help lessen the appearance of scars on the affected area.

The natural herbal scent will work well as a bathroom or kitchen deodoriser and leave a fresh fragrance wherever it is placed.

Top Tips ~ How to use your natural soap;

- Wet your hands and the soap, then create a lather for a few seconds before applying to face, body or hair

- The bar can also be used directly onto the skin

- To make the bars last longer, do not let them sit in water between washes. We recommend using a self-draining soap dish

Ingredients; Sodium olivate (olive oil) sodium cocoate (coconut oil) maleleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, aqua, glycerin (naturally produced during the soap making process)

Item measures approximately 8 cm vertical and 5 cm horizontal

Handcrafted soap is not as pristine looking as a commercial soap and may have its own natural imperfections and vary from bar to bar

The minimalist wrap around packaging is open at the top and bottom to allow the natural soap to breathe and is made from biodegradable, recycled Kraft paper